Sales Presentation Skills – Impactful Presentations

Significantly improve the skills of your sales team in the effective delivery of formal and informal sales presentations

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Regardless of how good your products, services and solutions are, sales are often lost as result of failure to communicate effectively with customer decision makers. Creating differentiation through what you present and how you present it, in your customer’s mind, can have a significant bearing on their final buying decision.

The ACT in Impactful Presentations

To ensure sales presentations have the impact to enable success three key elements must be considered: -

Audience – Who are they, what problem or opportunity are they seeking to address, where are they on their decision journey and what factors are important to them in arriving at a decision.

Content – Do we understand what our audience wants to hear and why? What are our key messages and have we structured our presentation in a way to deliver early impact?

Technique – How do we keep our audience engaged using those personal skills which are critical in delivering Impactful Presentations.

Course Format

Available as a face to face or virtual instructor led one day course, Impactful Presentations is highly proactive and engaging. Before the course, the instructor will host a call with delegates to outline pre-course work requirements. This is critical as all delegates will leave the course with a plan (ACTivator Sheet) for a current engagement.

Follow up 121 calls are available to ensure adoption, execution and retention.

Available as a standalone course or integrated with Miller Heiman core methodologies.


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Sales Presentation Skills – Impactful Presentations

Regardless of how good your products, services and solutions are, sales are often lost as result of failure to communicate

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