Sales Training

In house sales training, tailored to your company's needs. From securing strategic appointments at C-Level to maintaining and growing key relationships with your largest clients, our aim is to help you achieve better sales results.

bdm is a Miller Heiman consulting partner

“We understand what differentiates a world class sales organisation from the rest, and we want to help you get there”

Brian, BDM Director

Knowing where to apply valuable resources in order to get the maximum return is a challenge for any sales organisation and we will work with you to identify the areas you need to focus on in order acheive the results you want.

Areas we look at include:-

  • How you create sales opportunities
  • How you manage sales opportunities
  • How you manage relationships
  • Your People and organisation
  • Operations and enablement

To get you started, try our SALES PERFORMANCE METER TEST to see how you perform against world  class in each of these areas and if you choose, contact us to see how we can work with you to acheive the results you desire. 

Through access to extensive research data over 13 years we understand what differentiates world class performing sales organisation from the rest.  We then work with you on a 5 stage engagement process starting with the Discover Phase, to create a solution that will address your needs and be sustainable for the long term.

  1. Discover - Gather an understanding of the current landscape, issues and desired results of your sales organisation.  What is it that you want to fix, accomplish and avoid

  2. Design – The structure of the engagement begins taking shape, demonstrating how results will be delivered

  3. Develop – Building the specific solution to meet your needs and desired business outcomes

  4. Implementation – Deployment of the initial learning to equip your people with the identified skills, methodologies and behaviour they need to achieve the desired business results

  5. Sustain – Embedding of the skills, methodologies and behaviours into the daily workflow and lives of the learners so that the organisation can begin to change as a whole



bdm has helped SilverDisc to increase the knowledge and skill levels of our account managers. Not only has the quality of our customer service improved, but we've seen more selling to the benefit of our clients and partners. I highly  recommend bdm training to any business that wants to improve its processes and bottom line through better sales and customer service.

Alan Perkins, Managing Director of SilverDisc Limited
Sales Training

Contact us for more results from  the 2016 CSO Insights Sales Best Practices Study to understand what World Class Sales organisations do differently to the rest.

Choosing What's Right For You

One size never fits all when comes to  increasing yours sales performance.  We will work with you to design the best programme of activities to achieve your desire business outcomes

Diagnosing the focus areas for you
We will always seek an understanding of what you want to achieve and then work with you to identify the areas to focus on that will make the biggest difference
Choosing training that meets your needs
Whether is sales skills or methodology training you need we can design a solution to meet your needs. As an authorised Independent Sales Consultant of Miller Heiman Group we can tailor their courses to meet your specific needs
Ensuring a ROI from your training
Attending a training course gets you to the staring line but it doesn't end there, we will work with you to ensure the learning is embedded into your business so you quickly recognise the value of your investment

All bdm Sales & Service Training Course

Strategic Selling Training Course (Blue Sheet)

Immediately improve your company’s ability to win complex deals with a consistent approach and sales strategy.

Conceptual Selling Customer-Focused Interaction Training (Green Sheet)

Do your salespeople plan and achieve the very best outcomes in every customer meeting?

Large Account Management Process Training Course (Gold Sheet)

Collaborative engagement and development process between customer stakeholders and sales organization to maintain and grow revenues in your key accounts

Executive Impact

Significantly increases a salesperson’s effectiveness in securing approval from high-level decision makers.

Professional Selling Skills (previously an AchieveGlobal course)

Over 3 million sales professionals around the world have benefited from this Professional Selling Skills®

Professional Sales Negotiation (previously an AchieveGlobal course)

Negotiate to achieve the best win-win outcome whilst maintaining gross margin and customer relationships  

Professional Sales Coaching (previously an AchieveGlobal course)

Sales Coaching Is the Most Direct Way to Impact Sales Team Performance with recent CSO Insights research indicating that it can improve win rates by 28%.

Securing Strategic Appointments

Gain attention and meetings at C-level by developing & communication compelling reasons for them to see you.

Why Work With bdm?

We're great to work with, and here's why:

  • Over 25 years of experience in B2B sales, sales management and sale training and development
  • 13 years research findings from 1000's of companies on what World Class Sales Organisations do differenty
  • World-class Sales & Service Training
  • Training Tailored to your Business
  • Proven to Improve Performance

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