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Companies live or die based on how well they serve their customers.

bdm is a Miller Heiman consulting partner

Companies live or die based on how well they serve their customers. The best understand their customers,  learn from their mistakes and continually evolving to get better at serving the changing needs of their customers. The others stagnate or die.

It costs an average of 7 times as much to attract a new customer vs. keeping an existing customer, yet research shows most organisations are not doing enough to maintain long term relationships.  At bdm we believe customer service is not about a department; it’s about your entire organisation.

bdm is a Consulting Partner of Miller Heiman Group. With full access to their Service ReadyTM product we can develop a solution to help you navigate the journey toward long-lasting relationships with your company’s most valued asset: the customer.

The Service ReadyTM solution helps companies create a consistent and highly effective customer experience strategy – building the foundation of customer service excellence.

These behaviours will help in:

  • Differentiating your brand
  • Driving increasing revenue
  • Growing long-term profits

Don't leave Customer Service to chance, contact us today to find out how we can take your customer service to the next level.

Why Work With bdm?

We're great to work with, and here's why:

  • Over 25 years of experience in B2B sales, sales management and sale training and development
  • 13 years research findings from 1000's of companies on what World Class Sales Organisations do differenty
  • World-class Sales & Service Training
  • Training Tailored to your Business
  • Proven to Improve Performance

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