Are Customers Too Busy to Buy?

It’s strange, you have the best products in the world but people don’t have time to see you... or is it?

Imagine you’ve never seen a wheel before, you don’t know what one is or what it’s for, the cartoon is not quite so funny now. 

Now imagine you’re the guy on the right, he’s the CEO of the world’s first haulage company.  Business was good, then competition started biting at your heels, margins are being squeezed, customers are demanding faster deliveries and you have less and less time with your family. 

Now picture this, there are two sales people in your reception area, you only have time to see one.  There’s this guy trying to wave two strange and useless looking objects under your nose and the other guy. This other guy hasn’t brought any product with him.  He was the one who previously, in 30 seconds, demonstrated to you he understands the trends in your industry, he actually knows your specific challenges. He’s done his research.  In those 30 seconds he planted the seed in your mind as to how you could fix the problems you face and if you see the benefit in that, when the time is right, he can prove to you in your own mind how it will help you achieve what you want to achieve.

Which one will you see? 

After all, people buy for their own reasons, not the salesperson’s...

Or as Bob Miller, Co Funder of Miller Heiman, put it so well nearly 40 years ago:

“People don’t buy your products, services or solutions per se; they buy what they think or feel your product, service or solutions will allow them to accomplish”.

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